"Take My Yoke Upon You"
Matthew 11:29
There are several messages in this verse.  The first is that there is a load to bear.  When a yoke was put on a pair of oxen, it was because there was work to do.  A yoke is a symbol of work.  The first thing we must realize is that God has given us all a job to do. 
Secondly, we are taught that we aren't alone.  A yoke was a type of harness that had two openings.  When oxen were sold, they were sold in pairs.  The two together were called a "yoke" of oxen.  It was understood that the work was to be shared.  We do not work alone when we work for the Lord. 
Thirdly, Christ is our yoke-mate.  The verse says "take My yoke".  Christ works along side us.  He goes everywhere with us.  Two oxen that were yoked together could not go anywhere unless they went together.  So it is with us and Christ.  We cannot go anywhere that He is not with us. 
Finally, Christ helps us bear our burdens.  When two oxen were yoked together, they were thus able to bear a burden greater than they could bear alone.  When we are yoked to Christ, He helps us bear burdens and withstand temptations we could never bear or withstand on our own. 
Let us respond to our Lord's challenge and take His yoke upon us and learn of Him.  With Christ as our yoke-mate we can never fail.  Let us begin today.